Once you've found wood and converted it into wooden blanks, you'll need to fetch some iron. One single ingot will be just enough to make a shield, so finding one piece of iron in a cave will be ideal.

After you have all the ingredients gathered, you want to make the shield on the larger crafting grid found on the crafting table (not the one in your inventory). You need to arrange the items in a downward pointing triangle of sorts. Here's the recipe:

Top row: wooden plank, iron ingot and wooden plank. Middle row: three wooden planks. Bottom row: one wooden plank in the centermost grid.

Like most items in Minecraft, your shield will also have a durability bar. Equip it into your left-hand slot and press M2 to use your shield to block out any incoming offense. You'll start to notice the bar decay over time.

Depending on the power of the attacks, your shield might deplete quickly. You can either combine two slightly depleted shields for one fully repaired shield, with an added 5% durability bonus, or you can use an anvil to mix it with planks and fix it that way.

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