Toronto mapped!!!
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A local gamer and YouTuber is erecting a tribute to Toronto on a whole other level. For over three years, a Torontonian who goes by his online handle Gamefruitpulp, has been steadily building a 1:1 scale model of the city in the popular game.

Along with two other builders, Gamefruitpulp has painstakingly built a large portion of the downtown core block-by-block, including classic landmarks like the Fairmont Royal York Hotel and the Flatiron building as well as more modern skyline markers like the L Tower.

Until recently the group was relying on a combination of Google Maps and Google Streetview along with a few building schematics to match their virtual build with the real world. But with the project gaining popularity on the web, the group has been getting some spontaneous professional help.

The group is hoping that as the project grows in both scope and popularity, the creators of Minecraft will take notice and increase height limits in the next update. There is no clear timeline for when the project will be finished but the goal is to build up to the Don Valley in the east and High Park in the west.

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