The Mindful Knight experience aims to the refinement of students' social-emotional skills, with a certain focus on mental health. The learning objectives for the lesson plan have so far been outlined as follows:

SELF-AWARENESS An individual has the ability to recognize and name one’s emotions and their influence on behavior.

SELF-MANAGEMENT & COPING SKILLS An individual develops and demonstrates the ability to regulate emotions, thoughts and behaviors in context with people other than oneself.

SOCIAL MANAGEMENT An individual has the skill to make safe and constructive choices about personal behavior and social interactions.

The basics of the characteristics of mindfulness can be run through in an estimated duration of 50 minutes. This involves four trials, completion of each of which guarantees a reward of a different relic, with the ultimate goal of being granted the status of a knight. The trials requires the utilization of multiple "mindful behaviours", and essentially aim to teach students that having the confidence to mind their feelings appropriately is more important than a material prize.

A decent part of this experience focuses on the use of a camera and journal in the form of in-game items. These enable players to record their journey and educators to review and respond to these entries accordingly.

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