Minecraft announced that 2020 is going to be filled with new possibilities and exciting challenges. The new year is an ideal time for everyone to try out Realm Plus. Realm Plus is a monthly subscription that lets as many as 10 players to enjoy latest Minecraft Marketplace content. This is available for all platforms.

This collection includes what are clearly some of the best that the Marketplace has to offer, like skin packs, mini-games, and worlds. Every month, new content is going to be added and for January is all about maps.

Below are some of the maps offered this month in Minecraft Realm Plus:

Prison Escape - Roleplay (InPVP)
Located in a lonely island right in the middle of nowhere, this big prison allows players roleplay top their heart's content. Get to play one of the prisoners and make the great escape or take the role of the warden and block the inmates from escaping.
Wonderland Rainbow (GoE-Craft)
In this fantastic place, imagination is key. There are luxurious hotels, rich castles, and even bubblegum forests. If that's not enough for you, take a time out on the air balloons or even meet the tiny dwellers.

Grandma's Horror House (Pathway Studios)
So you're visiting your grandmother, however, it's Halloween and it looks like there's something evil hiding in the dark. It's not Granny but clearly something else, so, investigate what's happening but do it quietly. Find a way to run away from the house before this unknown terror gets you.

Rifted Chunks Challenge (Pathway Studios)
If you're up for a challenge then this is it. See how good you are with survival skills with 25 unique chunk biomes. You can do it solo in single player and also with others in multiplayer. Complete achievements and get to constructing bridges between the chunks. However do what you can to not get killed.

Truffletop Town (Imagiverse)
This fantasy clifftop town can be spotted from below or above. Go under bridges, walk over marshes, or even soar by the air. If that's too much, just go to a clearing and check out the flying balloons.

Realm Plus is available for just $7.99 a month.

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