If you are a beginner on Minecraft then you’ve probably noticed while exploring the distinctive blocky landscape that it seems somewhat empty. Yet you’ve seen people playing Minecraft with variety of elements in the game, such as animal mobs and creepers.

If you haven't found them, then you’re playing Minecraft in the wrong game mode. Here’s how to change your Minecraft game mode, and get from Creative mode to Survival mode.

There are three primary Minecraft game modes, and two less common modes:


Switching between the three main game modes in Minecraft is simple. Thanks to the similarities of the Minecraft game across all platforms, the following steps should work on all devices:

For creative mode click Play > Create New > Create New World. Here, click the Default Game Mode drop down and click on Creative.

Adventure mode is not available as a setup option. Instead, you’ll need to manually go to Adventure mode once your game has begun. Switch to Adventure mode with: /gamemode adventure

But do ensure your version of Minecraft is fully updated before proceeding.

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