Instead of using your child's real name in-game, Xbox Live lets you make a fully custom gamertag. This means your child can still have a distinct identity their friends can recognize them with, all without revealing their real one.

Connecting to a server, Realm, or a hosted Minecraft world requires a unique gamertag, so there's no way to dodge the protections in place. Because Xbox Live is applied as the backbone for everything your child does in Minecraft, you can use that Xbox Live account to set your own preferences.

Another advantage of Xbox Live integration is the fact that every person has a unique gamertag with which to identify them: meaning people who behave inappropriately or exhibit toxic behavior online can be easily muted, blocked, or reported to Xbox Live's dedicated enforcement team.

Any players in your child's world or server can be added as a friend, muted, blocked, or reported from inside the game's pause menu. This lets you and your child rapidly deal with unwanted behavior.

Another thing you can do from inside the pause menu is edit each permissions players have. This means you can edit it so players can't attack each other, can't destroy things, and more. Whenever your child is in an online game, the text chat explores for inappropriate words and automatically filters them out. This filter is expanded upon over time, so it gets better at catching unwanted chat with each update.

Online server partners with Minecraft also have dedicated teams of moderators that work to confirm everyone is getting along, and that the chat filter is doing its job. This catches the things that drop between the cracks, as well as putting a stop to misconduct between players. Most servers also contain expanded chat filters.

Minecraft no longer has private messaging in online play, just to make it easier and more effective to supervise for inappropriate chat between players. This means your child never has to worry about getting an unwanted message directed at them.

Every world your child creates has a toggle in the settings for multiplayer that can be altered at any time. If your child wants to play with friends, turn the toggle on. Otherwise, turning this toggle off will block online play on private worlds.

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