The idiom "when pigs fly" has taken a whole new meaning in Minecraft with a new fan-created texture pack. Texture packs have been one of the best aspects of Minecraft recently.

If you are not down with the simplistic graphics of the base game, there are hundreds of textures packs out there that will dramatically change how the game looks. Depending on how high-end your PC is, you can up the resolution, add new shaders, and turn Minecraft into a completely different looking game.

Still, all of those packs have been surpassed by a great new texture pack from Shane7646, which turns the recently added bees into tiny flying pigs. This 1.15 resource pack will replace the textures for the bees with little flying piglets; honey blocks and honeycomb get a color alteration to a more thematic pink; and nests are made muddier, to give the pigs a comfortable home.

It won't change their behavior though as they will still act the same way bees currently do. You will always spot them in the same places, and tame and breed them the same way.

What are you waiting for? Hurry and download this texture pack from Planet Minecraft now!

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