On the Gaming Subreddit (/r/gaming), one gamer that goes with the username “hauloff” shared a Minecraft build that was made over the span of five years. Within six hours, the post received nearly 18,000 upvotes. Big builds are quite common on Minecraft but the fantastic details of the in-game mega-city shows a glimpse into how Minecraft can continue to evolve.

A large part of the entertainment aspect of Minecraft is to create unique maps or builds and showcase them to the community. Over time, users have become increasingly creative on how architecture which range from skyscrapers to public buildings. Newly implemented details have made Minecraft more realistic recently with the introduction of more features and performance updates.

In the imminent future, it will be possible to create megacities like this one with significantly higher accuracy regarding technical and visual details. While the date of its public release has not been announced yet, Nvidia and Microsoft have teamed up to implement ray tracing.

With a higher performance graphic card, on RTX-enabled Minecraft, users are able to build maps with stunning details. Path tracing, which is a subset of ray tracing, improves almost every pixel of every scene of the game, making it much more realistic.

Potentially by 2020, users will be able to make maps with waters that show reflections, overall better lightning, and more sophisticated aesthetics. For instance, in the case of u/hauloff, an architecture and urban planning student who used technical knowledge to create an advanced Minecraft city, said that the build has crucial details like highly elevated high ways to minimize street disruption that are not obvious at first glance.

The future updates and releases like RTX would establish a better atmosphere for Minecraft gamers, especially in building complex objects and maps.

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