Prepare for Baby Yoda!!!!
Submitted 2 years ago by Sam_Pilon to General
Make sure you have bought the Java Edition. Datapacks only work with that Edition, so you'll need to buy it before you move on. Install it before continuing.

Navigate to: planetminecraft.com/data-pack/baby-yoda-4447358 and download it. Miles Playz has launched the datapack for Baby Yoda on Planet Minecraft. Search for the datapack under the .zip file named "baby-yoda".

Execute the Minecraft Launcher. Make sure you're playing the particular version of Minecraft, and then click the big green Play button.

Once in the game, you'll need to direct Minecraft to check for datapacks added to the world with the command line. Here's how:

Open the chat menu. This is where the command lines are entered and Baby Yoda's menu is displayed. The Baby Yoda datapack has its exclusive menu used to spawn and de-spawn. Whenever the chat menu is displayed, you can move your mouse cursor without moving in the game. Wait a little while and Baby Yoda should appear in front of you. Now you can explore with Baby Yoda.

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