1) Wreckage:
A simple tip that you’ll want to lookout for. If you’re cautiously placing mud blocks on your buildplate, don’t pour water or you’ll wash it all away in an instant. Fire also spreads quite rapidly in this one. If you want to burn down a tree or clear out some mud, just avoid such situations.

2) Tappables:
Tappables are how XP and random items can be earned. And each tappable contains a theme tap mobs to get different mobs that you can put in your buildplate. For example, tapping trees will give you wood.

3) Buildplate:
You can place an NPC avatar of replicating yours in any Buildplate by selecting the Mob-of-Me item. You’ll place a mob with the exact character skin and name and also, you can import skins from other versions too.

4) Webs:
The irritating spiders in underground mineshafts will leave swarms of sticky webs around. Using a sword will be the most ideal way to deal with them and avoid spiders.

5) Lava:
Lava is the best fuel source when you’re smelting. It hurries up smelting, and you can generate enough lava by erecting a ‘lava tower’ (by making a silo shaped object and pouring lava). You will only need one bucket, but when the lava pours out, recollect it and pour it again.

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