This new update will be releasing soon and deliver on one of its long-teased promises to add another mob to the game. Bees are coming to Minecraft as part of the holiday update that’s planned for a December 11th introduction, and it’s hosting multiple events around the release to celebrate this. Livestreams will start towards the end of the week, going till the weekend with more events happening next week, and Minecraft players will even have the opportunity to purchase some bee-themed Minecraft merchandise to support real-life bees.

A press release and a post on the Minecraft site announced the release of this update that’s coming in just a few days with the Buzzy Bees mob being the spotlight of the update. Players may recall that these bees were initially added to the Java version of the game way back in August through one of the game’s Snapshots, and on December 11th, they’ll be coming to all Bedrock versions of the game.

Minecraft has a more crucial goal behind its bee content. Mojang has partnered with the WWF to donate sales from bee-themed content to the efforts made in protecting the bees of the world.

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