1) Mobs:
You'll face zombies, spiders, creepers, and skeletons several times. Each creature requires you to have a unique fighting style to defeat it. There are in the following order least to most threatening:
(a.) Zombie
(b.) Spider
(c.) Creeper
(d.) Skeleton

Also, you can easily defeat a lot of these mobs by beating them into pits, cacti, or lava.

2) Experience:
As you advance and explore through the game, you'll need experience. Mobs, breeding, and mining diamond, redstone, coal, emerald, and nether quartz ore will give you experience.

3) Crafting:
Right-click to split materials in half. Even if the materials are on the crafting grid, you can craft multiple items at a time, such as slabs or ladders. Shift-click additional materials when you finish crafting and it will restore the materials to the inventory.

4) Inventory:
After a while and growing more confident in your ability to survive, you can keep more items in the inventory and avoid losing them. Then you can work more efficiently and make a home-trip less often. Always carry in the inventory particular equipment and supplies on a Minecraft exploration as long as you know how to keep them safe: food; weaponry; pickaxe, axe, and shovel; torch; and compass.

5) Shelter:
To get shelter before dark in the hills or the jungle for safety overnight, find an enclosed area like a shallow cave, natural copse, or large tree; and fill in the cracks with blocks to turn it into a decent house.

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