The Kingdom of Arendelle, including all of your favorite characters from the Disney’s Frozen 2 movie that’s finally available in theaters, have made their way into Minecraft. In addition to the world that features the Ice Palace, various mini games, puzzles, and rewards, this pack comes with mind-blowing 26 skins to complete the adventure.

Frozen 2 is the latest in the set of Disney characters that have set foot into the Minecraft game. Earlier this year, the Toy Story mash-up pack was also introduced to the Minecraft Marketplace featuring skins from the iconic toys from the Disney Pixar film as well as Andy’s room.

Similar to the last Disney pack, this one is available for $7.99/1,340 Minecraft coins. The advantage of buying from the Minecraft Marketplace is that the purchased content is synced between all platforms where the Bedrock Edition of the game is available, including Windows 10, Xbox One, Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

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