Minecraft is getting a fantastic makeover. It’s hardly the type of game you’d expect to be in need of some realism, given the success it’s enjoyed with its original look. But Mojang and Nvidia think it could play a crucial role in the game’s future.

That’s why they’ve teamed up to bring out an update for PC gamers with Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards, which would make lighting and reflections in the world of blocks look near realistic.

The upgrade is called “ray tracing,” which is used in modern movies and some video games. “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” is an example of a game using ray tracing.

Ray tracing is a rendering method in computer graphics that looks at the way rays of light bounce off of virtual objects to simulate what lighting would like in a real-world environment. It requires a lot of power to run properly, hence Nvidia’s RTX would be an ideal option.

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