The following tips will allow beginners to get comfortable with the game:

1) Torches:
Make sure you have enough torches. They are invaluable when mining to light your holes and when you discover caverns they are required to light them up.

2) Wood and wool:
Chopping trees and gathering wool will allow you to make a bed which serves as a future spawn point as well as a way to avoid the night creatures in the beginning of the game.

3) Mountains:
Mountains are an ideal place to start digging. Several mountains yield mine shafts and massive caverns that not only have more ore but chests and tracks.

4) Erecting a house:
Try to get your 5×5 house ready before the sun sets. This can be done with dirt and only has to have walls of 2 blocks height to stay away from the night creatures. You'll need to seal yourself in on the first night and dig your way out in the morning.

5) Crafting:
For making almost anything, you need a crafting table. Once created you can make everything from a basic wooden axe to fully powered train track. However, in order to cook food or smellt ore into usable things you will need a furnace and something to burn.

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