Try these Minecraft secrets now and enjoy:

1) Fooling the Endermen:
Equip a pumpkin as your head armor on the inventory screen but the viewpoint will be severely restricted since you are looking out the eyeholes of a jack-o-lantern, at least you can stare at Endermen without fear.

2) Having a blast:
Place a block of material on the ground, then place a bed adjacent to the block. After this, all you have to do is position yourself in such a way that the block is between you and the foot of the bed, push yourself right up against the block, and try to sleep in the bed. And WOLA, an explosion will happen, which is also an easy way to mine materials and clear obstacles if you’re low on gunpowder.

3) No more walls:
Place a boat in front of a wall and slowly push it into the blocks of the wall until about half of the boat is inside it. Then, the left-click to enter it, then left-shift to exit it. Since players always exit off of the front of the boat, they’ll find that they’ve passed through the wall that the boat was sticking into and out the other side.

4) Mushroom tip:
The mooshroom only spawns on the super rare “mushroom island” biome, an oasis of fungus typically found at sea and covered in mycelium blocks with mushrooms growing as big as trees. Each one can be milked like a general cow, but it’s trickier. Instead of a glass bottle, players will have to use a wooden bowl, and instead of milk, delicious, food-bar-refilling mushroom soup is the result.

5) Raining chickens:
You can create a farm that automatically spawns chickens, kills them, cooks them, and then washes all of the finished chicken and feathers out to the waiting player. It's harder than just farming wheat, but much more satisfying.

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