1) Minecraft within Minecraft:
A Minecraft player named Hans Lemurson was successful in building a working, rudimentary computer within Minecraft using redstone and redstone components. The magical crimson dust and its related interactables allow players to make basic electrical circuits in-game.

2) Trap players:
You can easily make an enemy slower by using ice and soul sand. Ice is not that hard to find, but soul sand is located in the mysterious alternate realm known as The Nether. Portals are required to explore that realm.

3) Invisible blocks:
These can only be found in creative mode and requires a command line prompt: “/give minecraft:barrier”. The blocks arrive in the player’s inventory as a red box with a slash through it and otherwise function as a regular block aside from a few exceptions.

4) Curing zombies:
You'll have to create a potion with the required ingredients to brew a Splash Potion of Weakness as well as a Golden Apple. A player who successfully creates the potion just has to throw it at a zombie Villager, then use the Golden Apple on it, and within minutes the village be back to their old self.

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