Minecraft is more than a decade old, but it’s doing something you rarely see with video games: It’s making a return in popularity.

Over the summer, Minecraft spiked on Twitch, according to a analytics site. Channels streaming the game were attracting in four times the audience compared to just a few months before. Creators on YouTube are riding the same wave, telling in many interviews that they’ve noticed an upswing in the views to their Minecraft-related videos.

There has been a steady increase in attention for the sandbox builder. Mojang, the company behind the game, released two massive updates in the past year or so. It’s also working on two new spin-offs of the original game. One is an augmented-reality experience for your smartphone like Pokémon Go and the other, Minecraft Dungeon, is an RPG.

The famous YouTube creator PewDiePie returned to Minecraft in June, bringing with him one of the largest audiences on the game. He has already uploaded more than 100 Minecraft-themed videos. Some of the biggest Fortnite streamers have also been influenced to swing their pickax. Depending on how you play, some streamers have said Minecraft can be a welcome respite from the fatigue of battle royals.

But, despite all the new attention, the core game hasn’t changed. Minecraft remains a huge sandbox to jump into whether you’re looking to explore an infinite world or just get creative with a digital Lego set.

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