This Saturday marks the return of Minecon, the annual Minecraft convention - which has, of course, been an entirely digital affair for the last few years. As part of the event, players are being given the opportunity to vote on the Minecraft biome they want to see overhauled next. There are limitations, however; Mojang has identified three specific biomes that it feels are most in need of attention - the swamp, mountains, badlands - and says that its revamp plans would introduce new mobs, features, and mechanics to the selected area.

To further assist players in making an informed decision, the developer has released a video detailing a few more particulars on what each potential upgrade will include. An enhanced mountain biome, for instance, will see "snowier" snow, a new goat mod, and environmental enhancements debuting the likes of "jagged cliffs, snow-capped peaks, and more dramatic views", as mentioned below. Planned updates for the swamp, meanwhile, include a new boat - replete with a built-in storage chest for slick transportation of resources - a new frog mob, and some more visual diversity thanks to the introduction of the mangrove tree. Lastly, are the badlands, which will get tumbleweeds, new cactus types, and a new vulture mob.

If that all makes for too much of an impossible choice, the positive news is that Mojang says all three biomes will see their improvements implemented eventually. Saturday's vote will finally decide which one gets the TLC treatment first. Voting will occur live this Saturday, 28th September. It promises to deliver "surprises, exclusive reveals, [and] post-show panels", get underway at 12 p.m. EST, and can be viewed through Twitch, Mixer, Youtube, and Facebook.

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