Who doesn’t love tips & tricks? They can also help you get that little edge in the competition. Following are the 5 most useful tips in Minecraft:

1. Infinite water source:
This can be created by making a small trench, consisting of 3 blocks, and then filling water in both sides. But be cautious when you fetch some, as it can only be done through the middle or else it will be bye bye infinite water.

2. Underwater air pockets:
If you are trapped underwater, place a torch to get a short relief and swim out alive. Be right up against it or it won’t work.

3. Lawn mower 2.0:
Say goodbye to the irritating and excessive greenery with a bucket of water. Yup, just a bucket of water, easy-peasy! It’s quicker than a lawn mower, and of course, it’s more fun.

4. Torches as base:
The sides of torches can be used to build off instead of placing a new block. This will obviously be the most helpful when you are running low on blocks.

5. Lava signs off:
To stop this annoying destroyer, simply place a sign or a ladder in its path. This method also works on water, in case it becomes bothersome.

Did you enjoy this list? Reply with some useful tips & tricks that were missing in the above list.

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