It is one of the massive updates ever recorded in the game’s long and proud history. The villages have been polished, addition of great blocks, and the inclusion of a fantastic raid system, are some of the awesome changes.

The bamboos are also a welcome introduction and they can be found in the bamboo jungle hills. Pandas and cats are some of the additions in the animal category. Villagers can now strive to become butchers, blacksmiths, or librarians. They are now interestingly packed with a routine for the day-to-day activities.

Pillagers spawn in groups, monitoring the particular area, and also in the defence towers. If you take down the guys with banners, sort of captains, you’ll get stamped as a ‘bad omen’. A raid will always take place whenever you enter a village, until the ‘bad omen’ is deactivated. If unfortunately, you get caught up with one of the raids, defeating them has its own rewards. If you come out as the victor, you’ll be branded as the Hero of the village and not only that, you will also get the best prices during trades.

Crossbows are now part of your arsenal and are of course more lethal than bows. The new wondering traders come with six exciting random trades. You better find them before the night as they become invisible when the sun sets. Job site blocks are one of the interesting and exciting inclusions, which help the jobless in getting a trade. The smoker block will assist in changing trades. Campfires and warning bells are some of the little, but useful introductions in this update.

All in all, this is a great one. For the full changes, visit:

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