1.12, the creativity Update?
Submitted 1 year ago by Rayne to General
There's been a lot of speculation and news about this next big update, and boy, it's loaded with new features to boost the aesthetic side of Minecraft~

First off, I wanna list my favorites:

A Recipe Book, a whole catalog for people like me, who can't remember ALL the things you can craft.This is great, I can't believe it wasn't added before. Catalog's recipes that are unlocked when you achieve the criteria and a little pop-up will tell you about this new recipe you can make.
A little easter egg, type “excitedze” in the Catalog's search box, you won't regret it!

Concrete! The new alternative for that non-fire-friendly wool.
You can paint it whatever color you imagine. Just mix the concrete powder with water, add you favorite pigment and build the most colorful house ever!

Parrots, don't feed them Chocolate! You can tame them with seeds, perch it on your shoulder and watch it dance when there's music around. How cool is that?
You can find many colors too!

This is a big, big update. And there are a lot of things not listed in this article! Like, colored beds and new keybindings for Creative mode. The possibilities are endless!

Which new feature excites you the most? Tell us in the comments!

AlexT (Score: 2) - 1 year ago - Reply

My favorite thing in this update is the parrots
I read that if you feed them cookies they will die lol

TheDiamondMinecart (Score: 2) - 1 year ago - Reply

It does look like feeding a parrot cookies will kill it. No word on breeding them yet.