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Dan, I'm a father of a young boy who is a huge fan of yours. At first I thought he was just an avid watcher of your videos but that was about 2yrs ago. Now he's 8 and I just realized that he has a collection of TDM toys (legos), clothing, Leopard Gecko named Dan, and figurines while he still watches your channel on a daily basis. To say the least, you have a huge little fan in my household.

Recently, while listening to a local radio show, I learned that you had been in town (Phoenix, AZ). I was somewhat aware that you would do live shows on occasion but had no idea that you took your show outside of the UK. To say the least I was rather disappointed that I learned of your tour after the fact. Do you have plans on doing another tour or planning on visiting us on the western part of the states again in the near future? If so, when should we expect it? Do you have a mailing list that keeps your fans informed about these tours for future events? If so how can we get on the distribution?


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That's a pity! But it's great to know Dan has such a great fan.
There are currently no planned events for the US, but Dan always tours once or twice a year. So stay alerted! He always tries to communicate it via his channel on youtube, but you can also check on these links:




Thanks for reaching us!

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