The E3 is the biggest Video Game Expo of the world; this year we got some news from the guys from Microsoft.
Starting up with the "Better together" update!:

The Better Together Update plans to unify console, mobile and Windows 10 versions of the game under a single edition. That means you can play with your friends, and I mean ALL your friends, whenever they have an Android, iOs, Nintendo Switch, a Computer, or an Xbox One. That's good news!

Let's follow up with SUPER DUPER GRAPHICS PACK:

Yup! An incredibly free update for picky users. If you've got that awesome computer and that big, cool 4k monitor you can use this to play Minecraft on a whole new level!
If you don't want this update it's F I N E. It's entirely optional!

And the last thing, soon the Better Together Update will add a server browser in the Minecraft menu, it'll let you search a full list of servers which you can join, free of extra charge, free of complicated steps, pow, you pressed the button and you're in. Isn't that cool?

So, did you watch the E3? Are you excited about this updates? :D

TheDiamondMinecart (Score: 2) - 2 years ago - Reply

The update which will unify all of the different platforms will make the game much more universal. I've often wanted to play with friends who only own an Xbox or android phone. Let's hope they do it right and it works well :D