Contacting dantdm
Submitted 2 years ago by Boobiemew to General
I'm very interested in finding out how I can email dantdm. I'd love him to sign his book for me.. Anyone have any suggestions?

Rayne (Score: 1) - 2 years ago - Reply

Hey! maybe you can message him on Facebook!

Boobiemew (Score: 2) - 2 years ago - Reply

Thanks, that is actually the only social media platform that I have not tried yet.

Rayne (Score: 2) - 2 years ago - Reply

Also, if you have business inquiries with him, you can try [email protected]
Maybe if you send them a message they'll point you out to the appropriate mail?

DiamondWolf (Score: 1) - 2 years ago - Reply

Sorry the date has done passed -DiamondWolf <3 😍😍😍😊
I don't like being mean people matter

MaxPowers (Score: 1) - 2 years ago - Reply

I have his number

mcpetutorialsyt (Score: 1) - 1 year ago - Reply